Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any questions which are not covered here, please don't hesitate to email me to ask me and I will do my very best to help.  I can be contacted at:


I don’t usually wear much make-up and so I am nervous about how my make-up will look


Please don’t worry, we will talk through your make-up likes and dislikes at the trial to ensure that you are happy with how the make-up looks as well as it being suitable for photographs.


How long will the make-up take?


This will vary depending on the make-up to be applied and whether lashes are required, however as a rough guide I usually allow approximately 1 hour per person.  This ensures each person has a relaxing make-up application without being rushed.  It also allows time for kit cleaning in between.


How should I prepare for my make-up?


It is important to have cleansed, moisturised skin and for all make-up including eye make-up to have been removed.  I do always prep the skin with a light cleanse and moisturiser but it doesn’t hurt to have already cleansed and moisturised beforehand.


Do I need to let you know about any allergies in advance?


If you have any allergies to skincare/cosmetics, please let me know in advance so that I can ensure I use the correct products for you.


Do I need to bring my own make-up for the wedding day?


The only make-up you will need is a lipstick.  Whilst I will apply lipstick from my professional kit, you’ll find it easier to top up using your own lipstick during the day, I can even arrange to purchase the lipstick we used at the trial on your behalf. 


I am not sure if I would like lashes


At your make-up trial, I can discuss the options available -  if you are considering lashes it is ideal to try these at the trial and see how you feel throughout the day.  Individual lashes can be more natural and comfortable than strip lashes but I always carry both in my kit.


I am not sure if my bridal party would like lashes


I completely understand that some of the bridal party may wish to discuss lash options on the day, therefore I am happy to supply and apply lashes for an additional payment of £10 pp which is payable in cash on the day.  



How do I book you?  

Once I have confirmed availability, I require I require a non-refundable booking fee of £50.  This secures the date for you and I will not take other bookings for that date.


This booking fee is deducted from the final invoice. If you decide to cancel the booking, then this payment is kept by Justine Warwick to cover administration costs.



What is the payment schedule?

Payment for the trial is to be made on the day of the trial either by cash, bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.  


The final balance is due 4 weeks before the wedding date by bank transfer.  I will send a final invoice to you detailing the cost of make-up services for the day; the booking fee will be deducted from this balance.


Please note that if you purchase one of my VIP Bridal Packages then full payment is required at the time of the trial.



Treatments Before the Wedding


I am going to have a spray tan before the wedding, how will that affect my makeup?


I carry foundation in a variety of shades and so will match up the foundation and the rest of the makeup to the tan.  Please ensure that you have had a spray tan trial in advance of the wedding day to ensure you are happy with the results.  Ideally have the spray tan 2 days before the wedding day but I would always recommend having a spray tan trial to give you a good indication of when it looks best and is less likely to transfer or be patchy.


I am considering having a Lash Lift – is this a good idea?


Lash lifts can be really effective. However, they are not compatible with strip or individual lashes.  


When can I have facial treatments prior to the wedding?


For lash treatments and brow tinting/shaping, it is worthwhile giving the treatments a couple of days to settle before the wedding – as with all treatments, I would suggest having a trial in the run up to the wedding to ensure you are happy with the results.


Prior to the wedding, I always recommend a course of regular facial treatments to get the skin into tip top condition. Your facialist will guide you in terms of when to have the last facial before the wedding day.