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Couture in Orbit - ESA & Science Museum

Last week was amazing!! I was incredibly lucky to be selected for the DFMA Hair and Makeup Team for a catwalk fashion show held at the London Science Museum last week in conjunction with the European Space Agency. Student designers from Europe brought their Space Fashion Designs to London where they were to be modeled by employees of the Museum on a catwalk in front of an audience.

I was working with the ESMOD Paris team and we had to style hair and apply makeup to 6 models. The make up design changed from the rehearsal to show day - initially lines were put onto the contours of the face using thread and glue(!) however this was changed and so we used kohl to create the black lines which were then filled in with Kryolan supra-color metallic in gold. Hair was gelled back into a sleek style. I thoroughly enjoyed trying some new techniques and being around such creativity.

The following video gives a brief outline of how the show was created. Look out for Paris.. the models with half of their faces painted gold!

After the first show, the DFMA team were invited to go up on to the catwalk after the models - an amazing experience that I am sure I won't ever get to repeat.

Here are a few photos from the 2 days it took to create the show. I feel very privileged to have been a part of such an awesome experience.

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