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The Power of Makeup - Clare Cavalli tells my story

I am so proud that a dear friend of mine started to write a blog this year, 'Life with Clare Cavalli' which had been a dream of hers for quite some time. As a busy mum of 3, it showed determination that she set herself this goal and deadlines, stuck to it and what resulted was a down to earth, beautifully written account of her life and experiences that we can all resonate with at some level . She tackles all sorts of subjects from her personal journey of having twins and her relationship with her family to her love of Yoga and writing (I particularly loved her Yoga Retreat review - I cannot wait to do this myself!). Ultimately the blog is about embracing who we are, being empowered and understanding (and accepting) that our experiences make us who we are today.

Therefore, I was thrilled and honoured that she asked to write a blog about ME! It was a special experience for me to be interviewed by Clare and for her to allow me to talk about my personal journey with make-up and how my purpose now is to enable others to develop a love of makeup to enable them to feel beautiful and confident within themselves.

I am so happy with what she chose to write about me - I do hope you enjoy it! Follow Clare's blog and Instagram account too for inspirational, motivational and honest posts:


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