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Make-up for your Bridal Party

‘For fresh,radiant, flawless make-up that will ensure that you still look like YOU’


Wedding day make-up can be for everyone - mums, bridesmaids of all ages, nans...... the more the merrier!  

I love to work with women of all ages regardless of whether they never wear make-up or wear a full face of make-up everyday! 

I understand that it can be a little scary for some if they haven't had their make-up done before.  But I always ensure that every person in the bridal party that sits in my make-up chair is listened to and is happy and comfortable with their make-up look.  


Seeing their reaction and confidence as they look in the mirror is all part of the experience.

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"Justine made me & my bridesmaids feel beautiful."

- Sam, Bride, Newlands Hall

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bridal Party Make-up

Can you cater for larger bridal parties?

Absolutely! I am extremely lucky to work with some super talented make-up artists that can assist me on larger bridal parties.  We would both work on the bridesmaids make-up and mother of the bride's make-up, saving time on the day. I will arrange for the artist on your behalf and create a schedule for the day.  Click here for all pricing information.


How long does make-up usually take?

I usually allow an hour per person (longer for the bride) and this is all included within the schedule to allow plenty of time on the day.

My mum doesn't wear much make-up and is nervous about

having her make-up done.

Please don’t worry, we will talk through the make-up look before we start to ensure that she is happy with how the make-up looks as well as it being suitable for photographs.  


I am confident working with people that wear little or no make-up and totally understand how apprehensive some people can be about having their make-up done.  I am happy to offer a make-up preview (trial) in advance to put her mind at rest that she will be comfortable and happy with the make-up look we create for the wedding day.  

Mother of the bride natural makeup
Mother of the bride/groom make-up
Bridesmaids make-up

Does our make-up have to match?

I always work with the bridal party as a whole to create a cohesive look.  Some brides are happy to let the bridesmaids make-up be whatever they feel most comfortable with, others may ask for everyone to wear the same lipstick.  


Either way, I will ensure that each make-up is adapted to the individual to enhance their own features and personality. 

Do I need to bring my own make-up for the day?

The only make-up you will need is a lipstick.  Whilst I will apply lipstick from my professional kit, it is best to have your own lipstick to top up with during the day.  If you don’t have one, I can give you some lipstick in a small pot with applicator to use.


To find out more

I would love to talk to you to about your wedding party make-up to ensure that everyone feels amazing! 

Just contact me to find out more about how we can work together. 


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