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Natural, flawless bridal make-up for the modern bride

Natural elegant bridal makeup Essex

Luxury bridal make-up that never goes out of fashion

‘For fresh,radiant, flawless make-up that will ensure that you still look like YOU’


Choosing your dream wedding make-up can be the most personal thing that you select.


It's all about you and how you feel.


Which is why I want your make-up journey to be special.


We start with a warm welcome at the make-up preview ('trial') whilst offering you luxurious comfort and indulgent treats.


My EXCLUSIVE Bridal Make-up Packages have been created with you in mind and priced to suit all budgets.  

"Justine listened to my vision and I was over the moon with my make-up on the day "

Natalie, Bride, Crondon Park
Bridal make-up artist essex applying makeup
Wedding make-up for brides Essex
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My Bridal Make-up Packages
& Prices 

Just choose from one of the following packages for your own bridal make-up.


Prices for other members of the bridal party can be found here.   

Working with me

Working with me is easy...

I want to make this easy for you.


Easy to know that you have chosen the right make-up artist for you.


One that will look after you right up to your wedding day and beyond!


As an experienced bridal make-up artist, I know how to plan for the most stress-free wedding morning. Whilst also creating a beautiful make-up look that you will love and feel amazing with.


'Does it matter if I wear little or no make-up?'


Absolutely not! I totally understand how overwhelming it can be.  


As your wedding make-up artist, it's my job to talk you through the process, and to ensure that you are totally comfortable and confident with the final look.


Building a rapport is key and that is why I offer brides the opportunity to have a chat on the phone or zoom ahead of the make-up preview (trial). Many brides finds this puts them at ease and they are excited to get their make-up preview booked in!


"I don't usually wear make up so was naturally nervous but Justine made me feel amazing on my sisters wedding day, so I had to book her for my own!  

I loved my make-up so much and that's all down to Justine."

Lisa, Bride, Cooling Barn

Your Journey With Me

What can I expect at my Make-up Preview (Trial)?

Approximately 4-6 months before the wedding day (depending on your timeframes), you will be invited to for your make-up preview at my studio in Stock.


This is an exciting part of the wedding journey.  It is where we get to discuss all the details of your wedding and your dream wedding make-up.  I just love to hear about your wedding plans, colours and themes.  And all of this helps me to provide the perfect make-up application for you!


You’ll never feel rushed when having your make-up done. And in the comfort of my air-conditioned studio, your preview will be beautifully relaxed. As if you weren't excited enough before this, you will leave feeling amazing and even more excited about your wedding day.  



Your Wedding Day Experience

One of my main priorities is making sure that you have a wonderful, relaxing morning whilst being pampered and made to look and feel your very best.


I’ll provide a schedule of the wedding day make-up in advance.  This way, you'll know exactly what to expect and know that you'll be safe in my hands!


Make-up for The Bridal Party

Everyone can be included within the wedding make-up prep.   From bridesmaids and flower-girls to mums, grandmothers and aunts! There is always a real buzz when everyone is getting ready on the day, having their hair and make-up done together.  


Assistant Artists

For larger bridal parties and where timings dictate, I will arrange for another make-up artist to assist me - this reduces the time required for bridal prep on the day. There is an additional charge for this service.


Hair Styling

I am happy to recommend hair stylists to you that I work with regularly.


​Every bride is unique and as such I like to create a personalised quote for you so that you have all the details for your unique bridal make-up experience. 

"The biggest things was how comfortable Justine made my mum doesn't wear a lot of makeup and was massively nervous. We went for a trial prior to the wedding, and she put my mum so at ease. A pleasure to be around and would highly recommend."

Gemma, Bride, Blake Hall

To find out more

I would love to talk to you to find out how we can achieve your dream

wedding make-up, that will still make you look like YOU!

Just contact me to find out more about how we can work together. 

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